瓦尔登投资私人有限公司 (新加坡)
51 GOLDHILL PLAZA #07-10/11


Who We Are 关于我们

Walden Investment Pte. Ltd. is a start-up investment company incorporated in Singapore. We trade securities (products include Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Options) in global (largely in but not limited to US) financial markets , dedicated to producing exceptional returns for its shareholders and investors by balancing risk and return.

瓦尔登投资是一家注册于新加坡的初创投资公司。我们在全球 (主要在但不局限于美国) 金融市场交易证券 (股票,债券,指数基金,期权等),致力于通过平衡风险和回报来为其股东和投资人创造超额回报。

Our Expertise 我们的专长

With years of success and experience, we are capable of preserving and growing our assets in all market conditions by using unique income generating strategy. We proactively manage risks by “always-on” tail risk hedging and optimal asset allocation & diversification, as we believe one has to stay robust, resilient and antifragile to withstand all possible headwinds. 

凭借多年的成功经验,我们运用独特的收入现金流策略能够在所有市场条件下为我们的资产保值增值。 我们通过不间断的尾部风险对冲和优化的资产配置和多元化来主动管理风险,因为我们相信人们必须保持稳健、韧性和反脆弱性才能顺利度过投资中的任何可能的逆风时刻。

Our Ambition 我们的抱负

We understand that preserving and growing asset in long term are extremely difficult and often times people fail. Our ambition is to build a top-notch investment research team, and achieve an annual return comparable to or even surpassing that of top asset management companies for the assets under our management in a sustainable way, through in-depth top-down research approach , unique strategy and asset allocation, and continuous innovation.